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Learn how to paint Blue Wrens

    1. Introduction

    2. Introduction-Video

    3. Materials

    1. Background Demo- One- Video

    2. Background Demo-One

    3. Background Demo-Two-Video

    4. Background Demo-Two

    5. Background Demo- Three- Video

    6. Background Demo- Three

    7. Background Demo-Four- Video

    8. Background Demo-Four

    1. Drawing The Birds- One- Video

    2. Drawing the Birds-One

    3. Wren One

    4. Wren Two

    5. Drawing the Birds Video Two

    6. Drawing the Birds-Two

    7. Drawing The Birds- Three- Video

    8. Drawing The Birds- Three

    9. Drawing The Birds- Four- Video

    10. Drawing The Birds- Four

    1. Painting The Birds- Intro- Video

    2. Painting The Birds- Intro

    3. Male Wren- One- Video

    4. Male Wren-Two-Video

    5. Male Wren-Three-Video

    6. Male Wren- One-Two-Three

    7. Female Wren-One- Video

    8. Female Wren-Two- Video

    9. Female Wren-Three- Video

    10. Female Wren-One-Two-Three

    1. Painting The Roses-One-Video

    2. Painting The Roses- Two- Video

    3. Painting The Roses- Three- Video

    4. Painting The Roses- Four - Video

    5. Painting The Roses- Five - Video

    6. Painting The Roses-One to Five

    1. Painting The Leaves- One- Video

    2. Painting The Leaves- Two- Video

    3. Painting The Leaves- One- Two

Blue Wren - Spring Delight

  • $145.00
  • 48 lessons

About the Course

I love painting Blue Wrens. They are one of my favourite subjects to paint. And I must say every time I finish a Wren painting it sells very quickly. So I guess you all love them as well? So why not learn how to create your own Blue Wren painting online? I show you step by step my technique of painting these little birds. I even supply a template of my painting so those of you who are not confident in drawing can trace my birds and flowers. Of course those of you who can draw can follow along as well. Just be inspired by my images. Choose different birds and or flowers? It's all optional. NOW OPEN!!

Beginners Welcome. Step by step instructions!

Additional Information

Template is provided for those who are not confident to draw the birds on free hand

  • I will show you step by step how I create my "Spring Delight" painting. Follow along and watch me do my demo. There are 28 videos and lots of written instructions. The Course is Self Paced. Which means that once you enrol, you get access to all the Lessons. So you can do the course straight away or take as long as you like and do it over a few weeks. Access is ongoing and doesn't expire. I will provide a Materials List. Colours etc can be swapped around. I also provide a Template if you want to "transfer" my images? It is up to you how much you follow along or just be inspired by my painting?

About the Course

Meet Your Teacher

Susan Farrell


Susan Farrell is an Australian Artist. She has been painting her whole life and teaching for over 12 years. She specialises in inspiring others to tap into their creative potential. She believes everyone has the ability to paint beautiful pieces. Susan has a love of Nature and Mother Earth. Her favourite things to paint are Animals and birds. But, always with a little extra touch of magic!! Her other passion is to guide others into connecting to their intuitive selves. She has developed several Intuitive techniques that enable the artist inside to truly shine in everyone. These Classes are perfect for the student who would like a Mind Body Soul experience when painting.