Premium Course with complete Demos of two paintings

    1. Introduction/Welcome

    2. Stained Glass Online Introduction- Video

    3. Materials- Video

    4. Materials

    5. Creating your Sacred Space

    6. Stained Glass Meditation- The Lotus

    7. Setting Intentions Intro- Video

    8. Setting Intentions

    9. Setting Intentions with Words/Images-Video

    10. Colour wheel

    11. Running The Glaze-Video

    12. Running The Glaze

    1. White stencils-Applying-Video

    2. White stencils- Applying

    3. Intro to White Stencil Glaze- Video

    4. Intro to White Stencil Glaze

    5. WS Glaze Part One- Video

    6. WS Glaze Part One

    7. WS Glaze Part Two- Video

    8. WS Glaze Part Two

    9. Serendipity Platform- Video

    10. Serendipity Platform

    1. Adding images-Video

    2. Adding images

    3. Images- Blue wrens Option

    4. Bonus- Owl Demo

    5. Bonus- Owl demo- Video

    6. Intro- Bringing in the White Lines-Video

    7. Intro- Bringing in the White Lines

    8. Examples of How I do My SG Lines- Video

    9. Intro- To adding Lines

    10. Adding Black Lines- Video

    11. Adding The Black Lines

    12. Whiteout- Video

    13. Whiteout

    14. Bonus Demo- Video Two-Owl- Whiteout

    15. Bonus demo-Owl Whiteout

    1. Suggested colours in windows- Video

    2. Adding colour to our SG Windows

    3. Warm Colours in windows-Video

    4. Warm Colours in Windows

    5. Cool Colours in Windows- Video

    6. Cool Colours In Windows

    7. Finishing Windows- Video

    8. Finishing Windows

    9. Bonus Demo- Owl Eyes- Video

    10. Bonus Demo- Owl Eyes

    11. Bonus Demo-Owl windows- Video

    12. Bonus Demo-Owl Windows

    1. Adding Light and depth-One- Video

    2. Adding Light and depth-One

    3. Adding Light and depth-Two-Video

    4. Adding Light and depth-Two

    5. Owl Wisdom- Drips- Video

    6. Owl Wisdom- Drips

    7. Final Touches-Main Demo- Lotus- Video

    8. Final Touches-Main Demo- Lotus

    9. Bonus demo- Owl Wisdom- Final - Video

    10. Bonus Demo- Owl Wisdom- Final

    11. Blue wren Images- How to paint

Stained Glass Intuitive Art Course

  • $295.00
  • 60 lessons

About the course

Hi Everyone, Let me tell you a little bit about my latest online course. The Stained Glass Art Course. This is my fourth online offering. A lot of you will already know my original Intuitive course called Serendipity. It is a lovely mixed media technique using stencils and translucent paint to create layers and depth. It has been shared by 100’s of students all over the world. Since then I have also created the Chakra Tree of Life and the Beyond The Veil online courses. I am always looking to evolve my art practices and I tend to experiment with new ideas and techniques all the time. Last year I was working on a canvas and felt the call to try something a bit different. I have mainly steered away from using black in my paintings, but I had noticed other Artists using it , so I thought I would give it a go, using one of my BTV techniques. Instead of my usual white accent, I changed it to black. The painting took on a completely different feel from my other ones. It was quite striking and when I posted the painting on Social media you all loved it. Everyone kept saying it looked almost Stained Glass. From there I have taken that effect, enhanced it, made it look even more like a stained glass window, and developed my new Stained Glass Art technique. NOTE: This is an Acrylic paint technique on canvas that is inspired by stained glass. It is not Stained Glass leadlight.

Additional information on the Course

It is based on my Two Day Stained Glass Live Workshop.

  • Bonus Demo

    The main demo takes you through creating a Lotus painting, but I have also included an extra demo of a beautiful Owl and Tree version of the SGA technique

  • Blue Wren- Tutorial

  • Course access and duration

    Once a student enrols in the course, you will receive full access to all the Classes. Access is for 6 months. Loads of time to learn this fabulous technique


Susan Farrell


Susan Farrell is an Australian Artist. She has been painting her whole life and teaching for over 12 years. She specialises in inspiring others to tap into their creative potential. She believes everyone has the ability to paint beautiful pieces. Susan has a love of Nature and Mother Earth. Her favourite things to paint are Animals and birds. But, always with a little extra touch of magic!! Her other passion is to guide others into connecting to their intuitive selves. She has developed several Intuitive techniques that enable the artist inside to truly shine in everyone. These Classes are perfect for the student who would like a Mind Body Soul experience when painting.